The Truth about the Finnish "World's Best" educational system

Check this out:

A highly educated teaching having a total nervous breakdown in classroom!


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Yes, Finland has bragged for years as for having "The world's best educational system".

What a load of propaganda!

The reality of the Finnish educational system is seen in this video.

Especially infuriated the teacher is about the kid's frequent use of the word cunt.

She keeps yelling, the word cunt can not be used in the classroom.

Another point se keeps yelling about is that she is highly educated, much above the average level of the other teachers.

Also, the teacher shouts to the students they are menthally retarded.

After the teacher critisizes the pupil's parents, one girl is heard to say the teacher should go "sucking cock".

The question is, offcourse, what good is that teacher's "high education" doing.

Quite the opposite is the case, as is proven in this video.

(Tallinn 16.10.2016)


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