Buying an Interrail -card from www.interrail.eu: My problems

(work in progress)

Oh my God how difficult it was to buy an InterRail -card from www.InterRail.eu!

(Tallinn 2.5.2017)


Pitkästen postikorttien nettimyyntiä

Malmö 30.10.2017

Here we go again...

The first day in the train, Stockholm - Malmö, with the InterRail -card bought from www.InterRail.eu.

The card is false.

The card is written wrongly - despite of many many requests, they never corrected the mistake they made.

My "FULL NAME" is not "Pitkänen T".

They never believed. it.

I guess it was too complicated a question for www.InterRail.eu...

Our correspondence concerning the matter from last Spring, when I bought the ticket:

Well, well...
Again, you have sent me mail - but no real answer/explanation/solution.
As with (almost) any organisation, and (almost) everyone working for an organisation, you take time and effort to "explain" that everything is OK.
No, that is not the case:
You have "explained" the difference between the use of I.D.card and Passport to me - all in vain. For no reason at all. 
That difference has never been an issue.
I do know - perfectly well - what the difference is.
However, you  fail  to give any answer to my real question:
Why is there an illogicality in your ordering program:
In the first stages, the program gives the two alternatives, as is correct.
However, in the final stages, the program gives only one option: Passport number.
So, if the customer wants to travel only within Schengen with valid and legal document, the I.D. card, and makes the purchase accordingly, in the final stages there is a possibility for a BIG TIME error:
In the final stages, although the customer has previously made the I.D. option, the program is ready to print the false information, i.e. the I.D. number as the Passport number to the ticket.
It almost happened to me. Luckily I noticed it just before completing the order.
No matter how much you try, you can not convince me that my "FULL NAME" name would be  "Pitkänen T", as is now falsely written to the ticket as my "FULL NAME".
For comparison:
I have bought dozens and dozens of InterRail tickets from Finland during decades, and NEVER has such happened.
It could not happen.
If it says "FULL NAME" on the ticket, then naturally it must be the FULL NAME.
This is not the case in the ticket you sent me.
You write that "all the conductors now this practice and for sure there will not be any problems for me".
Are you joking?

Lähettäjä: customerservice@interrail.eu <customerservice@interrail.eu>
Lähetetty: 22. huhtikuuta 2017 12:34
Dear Tommi, 

 Please allow me to explain that during the purchase process you can fill in either the national ID or Passport - the difference does not matter that much, as both documents will be accepted to travel. 
Additionally, note that as you know, the words "full name" are actually printed on the Pass; and right after this we print the last name and only the first letter of the first name. We understand this might be confusing. However, allow me to explain that the Pass lay-out and content is approved by our parent company as such (not by Interrail.eu), and will only be revised once a year. We will take your feedback to them, to see if they believe a change needs to be made. In any case, as for this year, the Pass is printed as it is; and it will be accepted everywhere. 
The reason why the full first name is not printed is because that way there is more space available for the last names. There are many customers with two last names, for which more space is needed. This has been agreed upon between our mother company and the participating railway companies (who all believe last names are more important to be printed in full on the Pass than first names). 
Now; please note that we at Interrail.eu cannot print a first name on our Pass, as the printing system does not allow us to edit this. These systems are set to print all Passes equal, and cannot be changed. It can be the case that other Interrail Pass issuers hve this ability, but we certainly do not (note every issuer uses different systems). 
All in all, we can guarantee that you will not encounter any issues about the way in which your Pass is printed. 
If you do not want to travel with the Pass as it is now, you can send it back to our warehouse facilities and we will refund it at 100%. Note this is a big exception, as your Pass is promotional, and promotional Passes are not eligible for a refund or exchange (as per our booking conditions:  http://www.eurail.com/en/terms-conditions/booking-conditions). You could then purchase a new Interrail Pass elsewhere. However, do keep in mind that the promotion is over (therefore, you will not receive the 15% discount); and we do not have information on which issuers print Passes with full first and last names. 
I hope this information is helpful; 

 Best regards,

 Customer service team

 Email: customerservice@interrail.eu

Good evening,
You have again sent a zero  -"response" for me.
Again, naturally, from a different person. As usually.
You continue to write that both the national I:D. (within Schengen) and the Passport are valid documents.
That repeating is all in vain, again.
Offcourse they are.
That is not the point. It has never been the point.
It seems you have a hard time understanding, but the point has always been:
There is a mistake in your ordering program.
If the customer starts with the legal option "I.D.", in the end the program is ready to print "Passport number".
This almost happened to me.
Just imagine, what kinds of problems that could cause!
Do you understand?
I mean:
Now, for the first time, you start to admit that there is possibility for confusion regarding "FULL NAME".
Offcourse there is.
FULL NAME is not family name and first initial.
Your practice is false.
I repeat: FALSE.
Your "suggestion" about refund is inappropriate.
What you suggest is that I would make the trouble of applying for refund from you, and the buying the same ticket with higher price from elsewhere.
Are you serious?
Well, I guess you are...
I'm beginning to understand with what kind of zero-bureaucrats I'm dealing with.
Summa summarum:
You have serious mistakes in your ordering program, as well as your printed ticket ("full name").
 When a customer - Yours Truly - points out these mistakes to you, your personnel lacks the professionalism to firstunderstand the problems. 

 Then your organisation lacks the flexibility to find a solution  - send me a new, correct ticket. 

 All I ever wanted was to follow the rules and regulations. 

 That is your  rules and regulations - which you don't follow yourself. 

Bravo, Interrail.Eu! 

Lähettäjä: complaints@interrail.eu <complaints@interrail.eu>
Lähetetty: 1. toukokuuta 2017 14:20
Dear Tommi,
I would like to inform you that your e-mail has been forwarded to the Interrail.eu complaints department.

I am very sorry that you feel that you have not been heard and that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction. I have gone over all the communication, and I believe that all has been explained. I also understand from your e-mail that you feel that we keep repeating ourselves, and I will therefore refrain from explaining the process again. At this point, I can only say that I understand your feedback but we cannot change the procedures at this moment.
I would also like to take this opportunity to make you aware of our Interrail.eu Service Policy, and in particular our Netiquette policy: http://www.interrail.eu/en/terms-and-conditions/booking-conditions. We have done our best to assist you and to answer your questions, but it appears that we have to disagree on what is considered logical and/or correct. We feel that there is little for us to do in that regard, and if you would like to continue communication about your point of view we urge you to do so in a respectful manner.
Allow me to also make it clear that you can travel with your Interrail Pass without any problems. If you do not feel comfortable traveling with your Interrail Pass as it is, please return it to us via registered mail for a full refund. If you send us the receipt of the shipping costs, and we will also make sure to refund these additional costs.
Unfortunately, as we cannot change our printing system we cannot offer you a Pass with your details printed on them in a different way. In case you do decide to return your Interrail Pass we advise you to purchase a new Interrail Pass at the train station in Finland, so that you can still go ahead with your travels as planned.
I hope to have offer a workable solution.

Best regards,

Complaints department

Email: complaints@interrail.eu

Lähettäjä: Arctic Paradise by Tommi P.
Lähetetty: 9. toukokuuta 2017 20:02

On the first of May, you have again sent me an "explanation" - which is as useless as every one you sent before.

And, naturally, from a new person, again. I'm getting used to that too.


There are big problems with your tickets/the ordering program.


You have FULL NAME printed to your tickets but you print only the customers last name and initial of first name.

You have not denied this can cause confusion - au contraire, you have in fact admitted it in one of your mails.

The only "answer" you have to this date been able to provide is that "you can not change the printing system".


Also, you have expressed that there is no problem with this lacking of necessary (according to your printed ticket) information while traveling with your ticket.

That is only a wish - the risk is the customers. You can not give quarranty.

(Btw. Has anyone of you ever flyed?


Well, in that case you should know, that the passangers name in ticket and travel documents must be excactly the same.

If not, the trip ends to the airport.

This is a fact, not an opinion.)


My other point has been the major mistake in your ticket -ordering program.

This I have explained several times.

To this you have nor even commented. Your "answer" has been silence.

Once again (and for the last time):

When the customer starts the ordering procedure with legal option "I.D. -card", and goes forward, before the end the program is ready to fill the ordering form with "Passport number".

It almost happened to me, luckily I noticed it a minute before.

I wonder if anyone of you even has understood what I mean... Propably not. 

We now have a situation where a customer notices major, major problems and mistakes in your activity.

Your "response" amounts to nothing.

Instead of trying to find solutions, you - all of you different persons who have written to me - try to justify your own mistakes ( as in point nr 1 ) or resort  to silence ( as in  point nr 2).

On top of that, you demand "respect".

Respect for what?

Surely you deserve no "respect". 

Being the pathetic little bureaucrats that you are. 

I am publishing this case in my travel blog, when the time comes. 

Lähettäjä: complaints@interrail.eu <complaints@interrail.eu>
Lähetetty: 11. toukokuuta 2017 10:03
Dear Tommi,

We are sorry you feel this way, and we are sorry that you feel that we were unable to offer you a satisfactory solution. Unfortunately, at this point there is nothing to add to the discussion and we therefore will need to cease all further communication that is in regards to the issues raised by yourself.
All that we have had to offer has been explained, and still stands. If you want to make use of our offer you can start a new e-mail chain, and we will be happy to assist.

Best regards,

Complaints department

Email: complaints@interrail.eu

Lähettäjä: Arctic Paradise by Tommi P.
Lähetetty: 11. toukokuuta 2017 10:40
I had already ceased the "discussion" with you, but you still wanted to send me one of your  zero -mails...

Well, women are like that.

Sorry, I forgot there seems to be one "male" person at your office.

Mr. Stefan.

But he's propably from Sweden, according to his name, and we all know what that means...😉


This correspondence resulted in nothing - except for the young women at the InterRail.eu -office starting to accuse me, the customer,  of "inappropriate behaviour".


The last resort of women in trouble. When they run out of arguments...